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How To Wear Colour

How To Wear Colour

How To Wear Colour

Adding more colour to an outfit adds a sense of fun and vibrancy. It’s a great way to express yourself. It can be an instant mood lifter cheering up everyone around you. It can complement and boost your skin tone, hair colour and overall glow making you seem healthier.

Start with one colour if you feel hesitant. What colour do you like in flowers or furniture? A warm coral or pink is flattering. Choose the colour in a shape you would usually wear so you don’t push yourself too far out of your comfort zone. It’s bound to win you compliments. Our Hazel oversized tunic comes in block colours including blue and fuchsia that brighten up jeans without being hectic.  

You can also start with a scarf or accessory if an entire garment seems too much. A bright handbag or a bold shoe can really jazz up a look. 

A colourful dress means you don’t have to worry about matching. Brianne comes in dusky pink, wine, cayenne or teal. With a front knot and rolled-up sleeves it is elegant on any occasion. 

Instead of relying on black, you can explore other neutrals like navy, beige, greys or browns. They can make you look so sophisticated. You can ground colour with a neutral piece like a denim jacket or beige chinos so it can still draw attention without being overwhelming. Our Krystal maxi dress has an understated geometric pattern on neutral backgrounds that gives depth. 

Dressing a bit more visibly is about self-empowerment. If you are on zoom calls, bolder colours will help you stand out and perk everyone up Kathryn has an interesting abstract fleck on cornflower blue or ballet pink. If you want to create impact and exude confidence at work then red teamed with black or white is about as striking as you can get.  

To find out what suits your skin tone and hair colour, hold a piece of white paper to your face and look for what tones stand out in your skin. If your skin gives off pink, rosy tones then cool colours will suit you. Try blues, reds with a blue base or blue-greens and purple. Brown skin tones indicate warm so browns, yellow, green and orange-based reds suit you. Neutral skin tones can wear most colours but some look better in bright and others in pastels. Tone is important. 

 Susie has a subtle floral print adding texture to a range of 17 colours. Opal has multi-coloured wild roses with great summer appeal. You can pick out a colour with Khaki trousers or a pink cardigan to match. 

Even more dramatic is the Cassandra animal print which comes in red, orange, blue or green. Easily paired with black trousers the effect is bold and self-assured. 

You can extend the colour to make-up by adding a matching lipstick with orange or purple tones and really have fun with eye shadow in the evening. 

Be bold, let colour bring joy to your day.