Embrace Your Curves

Embrace Your Curves

Beyonce, J-Lo and Kate Winslett are all icons who grace our screens with womanly curves.  Women now spend hours in the gym trying to develop booty like theirs to shake on the dancefloor!  Being happy with the shape you are is such a huge part of our well-being as women. Remember those wonderful words voluptuous and buxom?  Studies have shown that the sight of a curvy woman triggers the same part of the brain in men where positive reward is stimulated and can actually be addictive.  Other women will also respond to your confidence, a relief from the seemingly universal airbrushed images of skinny girls.  As we get older, it is far healthier to have a little plump skin with fewer wrinkles.  Being curvy doesn’t mean you aren’t toned.

There is an art to dressing curves.  By following a few of these suggestions, you can make the most of mother nature’s gifts.

1.        Know if you are hourglass, apple or pear shaped so you can balance your silhouette.  For hourglass choose tops that nip in at the waist or use belts. A v-neck top draws attention to the waist.  If you are apple shaped you may want to show off slimmer legs and shift dresses are great for this.  Or try empire-line with the waistline just under the bust.  Maxi dresses elongate the body for apple.   For pear-shaped choose a wrap dress that skims the hips and thighs.  Try an off-the-shoulder top to draw the eye to a favourite feature.

2.        Go bold with prints and colour. Too many larger women lose themselves in black.  Express your personality!  Choosing vibrant patterns reflects your inner confidence.  Radiate that joy! You can even pair a smaller densely spaced pattern top with a larger print with wider spacing on a skirt.  The finer print acts as the neutral in a matching colour scheme for a striking effect.

3.        Have fun accessorizing with scarves and necklaces. Again this draws the eye away from areas you may not be so fond of.  Carry the right size of bag.  It's all about proportion. Choose a medium structured one rather than small which will exaggerate you or too big which will seem bulky.  And shoes, don’t forget the wonderful potential of shoes. Neutral pumps are best and of course heels will elongate the leg.

4.        You want clothes that are not too tight but don’t drown you.  Shop through any changes in weight.  Look for the proper drape over your body.  Visible underwear lines mean it's too tight! The quality of the fabric also makes a difference.

At Luvvey we want you to enjoy being feminine and enjoy your clothes!

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