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Top Basics Every Wardrobe Needs

Top Basics Every Wardrobe Needs

Top Basics Every Wardrobe Needs

A capsule wardrobe that covers regular work and casual items makes it easier to be organised in the mornings. It frees you up to add experimental or colourful pieces. These ordinary items have the potential to be building blocks for fresh and exciting outfits. We have staples with enough detail and in a range of colours that will delight you. 

There are stages in life when you suddenly find things in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in decades. They are no longer in vogue, they don’t fit your current shape. They might be from your independent city life before children. Treasured pieces you found on sale but only worn on that one first date.  

Go ahead and keep pieces that hold an old memory too precious to throw away but the old you is gone and so too must that look. Instead look forward to a bright stylish future. It's time to rebuild. Why not make sure you have the essentials in a capsule wardrobe that works for your life now? 

Let’s look again at the 12 essential pieces including shoes that we mentioned in our October blog. Are they as interesting as well as versatile as they could be as Autumn surrenders to winter? 

If you had to have only one sweater in your draw let’s not let it be the dull crew neck. Let’s change it up for a mock turtle neck with a flattering length that elongates the waist for those of us who are more apple than pear. Let’s have plenty of room around the armpit area so you are not constricted. Let’s have a flattering small rib across the chest rather than a bulky chunky knit, let’s choose a super soft material that’s easy to care for. Such a garment is our Sheridan which is 50% natural viscose but has technical elements to make it super soft and easily washed. 

We have so many fabulous sweaters that are practical and classic yet detailed enough to captivate.  

The Winslet jumper is fine enough to wear under your stalwart leather or denim jacket. You can replicate it in various seasonal tones of colour. The plaited seam down the back gives it enough detail to intrigue without losing any practicality. 

Carter is a wool mix, fit and flare tunic over fitted trousers or leggings. The block of colour that denotes a casual look. You can even roll up the sleeves to show off bangles or set about the washing up.

 Once all your essentials are in place, they all fit the shape you are now, they aren’t warn of frayed or carrying too many memories, you can start looking for a seasonal treat.  

Teagan is just that. For that crisp frosty day when you have a lunchtime date or an evening drinks party, you can forgo waterproof jackets or your trusty leather jacket or your oh so versatile Denim shirt for the fabulous, floaty poncho  jumper like Teagan. 

Remember you can enhance the 12 items in a capsule wardrobe by collecting favourite items in different colours. We stock brights as well as muted, subtle shades to reflect your mood.  

Most of all enjoy your clothing. Fashion is only ever meant to be fun. Remember we are happy to help with styling advice, colour suggestions or queries. Just drop us a line with Style Me Up in the subject box.