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7 ways to streamline your wardrobe whilst styling it up

7 ways to streamline your wardrobe whilst styling it up

7 ways to streamline your wardrobe whilst styling it up

Do you find yourself in a fervour of spring cleaning?  Are you managing to take things to the charity shops now lockdowns are a thing of the past?  Perhaps you are finding that actually one trip is not enough and carloads have accumulated in the last 3 years while things like car boot sales and school parent group swish nights were paused. 

Decluttering has to be an ongoing process, but the rewards are many.  It’s so much easier to get dressed in the morning if you’re organised and not rummaging through things you never wear to find something that fits.  These 6 tips will help you stay on top of your wardrobe and free you to replace items with things that make you feel great.

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo developed her method of tidying when she had to move from Japan to the States with just a few things. Things that sparked joy.  If you pile every item of clothing you own onto the bed you realise how much you have and what you don’t need.  Then you can place what you really love back in your drawers and cupboard.  

Hang your clothes in outfits

There are many ways to organise a hanging rail.  Colours, lengths, seasons.  If you have a few outfits put together and ready to go it’s going to make your working week so much easier.  Put the skirt blouse and blazer on one hanger. If you can’t see how an item would fit into an outfit, you need to let it go. Once you’ve pared down your wardrobe you might notice some staples are missing. Abigail jeggings are a perfect basis to wear every day.  Couple them with a pretty top like Leila with its frilly shoulders in 6 colours so you can get going without thinking.

Donate what you don’t need.

Could someone else be using what you aren’t wearing? Charity shops are taking donations of good quality clothing. It’s so much easier to let things go if you know someone else will enjoy them.

Give to a relative

Do you have a daughter who has just come out of that early teen rebellious stage?  Do you find she’s borrowed (without asking) some items from your drawer?  In later teens they will fit things that fitted you before you had kids.  It might be a piece from the 60s your mother handed down to you. Now you have space in your wardrobe and you’ve beating her at her own game of removing things from your bedroom!

Sell online

You might have a dress you’ve worn once to a really special wedding.  Put it on ebay and let it go. Create a little fund to rejuvenate your collection. Birdie is a fabulous Boho dress that you can wear over and over to feel feminine and that little bit out of the ordinary.

Buy one-size items

Some of us change shape throughout the year or even through the month due to our monthly cycles. Our collection allows for these fluctuations.  Do you tend to indulge in warm stews with cobbler and dumplings or Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire puddings in the winter but switch to salads in summer? Our tunic collection is ideal for your changing body shape. Hannah is our timeless Lagenlook linen tunic available in 5 colours. You can belt it, use it as a dress, or put on tights and knee-high boots in the winter.

One in one out

This rule is the best way we know to maintain your streamlined wardrobe. Shoes are a good place to start.  Let the worn-out ones go. We have espadrilles Flossie and Gretchen with a wedged heel and closed toe to prep you for summer. 

Now you’ve made space you can treat yourself to something sunny like our Bonnie floaty floral trousers to help you embrace summer.  Head over to for more inspiration.