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Items You Wish You'd Bought Sooner

Items You Wish You'd Bought Sooner

Items You Wish You'd Bought Sooner

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that transforms the way you dress?  Do you wonder why you haven’t thought of this before? 

We tend to collect staples like black tank tops, white blouses and beige slacks.  But when you find the perfect, comfortable high-waisted jeans you realise getting dressed is so much easier. A blazer gives you a professional demeanour with the practicality of pockets. 

There is an item that can give you a flattering new shape can make you think about clothing in a whole new way. A tunic. 

A tunic can bring a whole new range of possibilities in how you dress. Reaching between the hips and the knees it compliments your curves with its long-line silhouette. It flatters any figure by uniting the top and bottom of your body rather than cutting you in half. You can wear a poloneck underneath it or layer it with a cardigan. Tunics are incredibly versatile and you won’t believe you haven’t worn them forever. 

Hannah is our Made In Italy plain tunic with two-third-length sleeves.   It nips in under the bust and has a floating Lagenlook hem. This makes it inherently feminine giving off an easy vibe in linen. Choose from many colours to start a new way of dressing with ease and style. 

Tunics give you the look of a pulled-together outfit without any effort.  Our Harlow is striped with a collar making you look and feel capable and ready for action. 

Toni is shorter with a flattering gentle boat neck.  Ruched detailing at the side and a bow add to the feminine feel. The vertical stripes are subtle.  

Being longer, a tunic is warm over leggings with boots. It can replace a cardigan. A tunic says confidence in the season. Our Betty animal print leggings are a fun addition revealing your bold side.  

Tunics can also be a statement piece. Susie is our graceful floral tunic. Fit and flare with patch pockets the pattern is so joyful it will bring a positive feeling wherever you go. 

Even more striking is Kaylee, our giraffe print batwing tunic with sequins on the cuff. This tunic exudes confidence yet it is a style so easy to adopt over jeans. 

In the evenings you can belt a tunic and wear it as a dress with heels. Style it up with a gorgeous necklace and bangles. It’s easy to do if you’re going out after work. 

The comfort and ease of tunics and their versatility make them invaluable to any wardrobe.  Start your new love affair with tunics at