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Stop Blending In & Start Standing Out

Stop Blending In & Start Standing Out

Stop Blending In & Start Standing Out

 What if this year you step forward and let yourself shine?  Getting noticed might mean you can secure a promotion or succeed in business. Dressing with confidence can change your life.  You feel better about yourself and attract positivity. 

Why be average you can be exceptional? If you want to come across as confident and fun choose bold clothing. People will remember you. You will be surprised how much more attention you get from the opposite sex! Complimenting your clothing is such an easy way for someone to start a conversation. 

You want to be the one people remember after the event so make use of the potential of clothing to make an impact.  The key is to be true to yourself. Express your personality through style, colour, texture and design. Be yourself. You decide who you are and what you want to accentuate. You don’t need to follow trends blindly. 

We all have our unique qualities, but we tend to hide under the bushel trying to blend in and be accepted as normal.  But in the grown-up world it’s time to make an impact.  You won’t find Emily Blunt or Blake Lively in frumpy outfits on the red carpet.  They always make a mark. 

Trip the light fantastic in our Made in Italy Jude neon fuschia poncho. The cabled knit is already prominent over jeans or leggings but choosing such a daring colour means no-one will forget you and you will feel fabulous while covering everything and keeping warm in the evening. This piece can transform what you’ve worn all day at work to reinvigorate you and let you sparkle. 

The daisy pattern on our Sarina says bold yet feminine.  The chunky mohair and wool blend is absolutely sumptuous. The dropped shoulders and generous sleeves are snuggly while the daisies promise spring with all its optimistic energy. You can coordinate with Willow trousers or experiment with colour combinations like orange and green. You don’t need to match, have fun juxtaposing colour. 

Novie is our striped Made in Italy v-neck long-sleeved tunic. Choose lime green for something a little different from navy and white. Again you can pair with matching trousers like our generous Georgia trousers. 

Really think about colour and what flatters you. Stand out from the background by choosing lime or fuschia. Red denotes strength and confidence. It’s a power move at work. Are you ready to break down barriers and create change? 

Let elegance be your calling card. Subtle pieces can stand out with a lower neckline. Our Aliana hooded tunic with a frill at the hip lets you express something different and feminine. Our Elise roll-neck sweater has different coloured cuffs and hemline denoting sophistication. 

Sometimes just one piece can help you rethink your entire wardrobe. January is a great time to clear out the pieces you just don’t wear any more so you can invest in a new you.  Every day is a chance to start afresh. 

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