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Are you stuck in a rut of plain colours? Does your wardrobe feel drab? Adding a little pattern can liven things up. There are so many to explore: large and small polka dots, horizontal or vertical stripes and any number of floral prints. Animal prints and geometrics can be stunning. Faint plaids and ginghams may be more subtle yet give depth to a look. Herringbone and paisley are more complex. Using pattern shows you’ve put thought into your outfit. You will exude confidence. 

A plain blazer over the top of a patterned dress like Luvvey’s Eva with its daisy print just hints at the pattern without being hectic. When you're ready you can take off the jacket to reveal the beautiful patterned dress which is both modern and retro. 

Wearing one bold print over a neutral skirt, dress or trousers lets the print pop without being overbearing and you can be certain not to clash. Use your wardrobe staples like black trousers so the top does all the talking.  Keep to shapes and styles you are familiar with and you know flatter your figure so that adding pattern is not so daunting. 

Matching the background colour lets the design stand out with a statement piece. Luvvey has stunning prints to choose from and trousers in a range of colours that will coordinate. The Opal tunic from the Made in Italy collection has giant wild roses on a variety of background colours that look stunning with matching leggings. The Victoria cotton top has large daisies that will brighten up jeans so you can’t help but feel sunny.  

Geometrics make a dramatic impact for extroverts. Luvvey’s tunic dress Tillie has large loops and a helix design that can’t fail to catch the eye at a party. It's almost like wearing a kaleidoscope. The Nika Tunic top is even more abstract for the bold. It fascinates.

 It is possible to pair patterns without being loud by using a fine print as the neutral for a larger statement print. The smaller, denser pattern blends as a base colour from a distance while giving interest and detail close up. Keeping to the same pattern like fine polka dots with larger more widely spaced dots is very chic. Luvvey’s Isabella animal print trousers are subtle enough to work well for this. 

When combining patterns stay within the same colour family to keep it classy. Monochrome black and white is very eye-catching. You can combine stripes with plaid and herringbone in different sizes without fear of them jarring.   You can also do this with reds or blues though, or any colour as long as you match the tones. Try a red and white polka dot with a red floral pattern. 

Trust yourself with patterns. Have fun experimenting at home. It's your chance to express your unique style. Feel delightfully feminine with florals or bold with geometrics. If your outfit makes you feel good, you will shine.