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Regenerated Yarn

Regenerated Yarn

Regenerated Yarn

This Autumn we are launching our first Eco Collection of Knitwear made entirely from recycled fibres.

It is hard to ignore growing concerns that show the fashion industry to be unsustainable in its current form. With this in mind we have sourced some new yarns for our AW19 Poncho and Accessories Collection, which are made in the EU exclusively from recycled fibres.

The fibres which make up these yarns are from both pre- and post-consumer waste, which is to say that they are made up of yarn wasted during the manufacturing process, and also from completed garments.

Collected materials are sorted by hand into colour groups and yarn types before being mechanically shredded and combed until they are ready to be respun into beautiful new yarn.

By making a conscious decision to purchase garments made from recycled yarn, you are helping to bring the fashion industry one step closer to sustainability.


We have heard so much recently about the amount of clothing and textile waste that goes to landfill each year. It makes perfect sense to recycle fibres so that they can be re-used to make new clothing.

This has several advantages.

Firstly and most obviously, if fibres are being recycled, they are not going to landfill! Hurray!!

But there is far more to the story than that…

Wool, cotton and other fibres go through a host of polluting processes and use large volumes of water in order that they be turned into yarns that can be woven or knitted. Many of these processes don’t need to be repeated on fibres that are to be regenerated, thus saving water, and drastically reducing pollution and their carbon footprint.

For example, our recycled yarns are not re-dyed, but retain the colours of the original manufacturing process.

Kinder to the Planet

A complete Life Cycle Analysis measuring the environmental impact of each stage of the manufacture of our sustainable recycled yarns show them to have 98% less environmental impact than an equivalent yarn made from virgin fibres!

They have been independently tested in accordance with stringent standards laid down by the ISO (, and have been awarded ISO 14040/14044.

Fabric Composition

Recycled Wool Mix, Aran Style: 70% Wool. 25% Polyamide, 5% Other Fibres