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Reinvent Yourself Through Fashion

Reinvent Yourself Through Fashion

Reinvent Yourself Through Fashion

What we wear is so intrinsic to how we feel and how people see us that it is actually possible to reinvent yourself through fashion. It’s very easy to fall into a rut with clothing and miss the opportunity to shine.  Maybe you’ve never taken the time to develop your own personal style. Perhaps you are entering a new stage of life with kids or empty nesting where you feel you can step into a new self?  Here are three ways to start.

  1. Who inspires you?  

Think of a person in your life or a character type that you would love to be and try to visualize yourself in that persona.  Sophisticated or adventurous, quirky or pulled together you have the ability to present yourself any way you like.  You could even create a mood board either digitally or with magazines and a glue stick. This will help you focus and is lots of fun to do.  A bit of time over several days lets you experiment and change your mind. Imagine how you will feel in these outfits. 

Sometimes a single piece can be transformative. Our Louisa poncho lets you swap out sweaters and jackets for an elegant svelte look. A clever mix of wool and viscose it also contains cashmere the ultimate luxury.  It comes in 15 colours so you can match or contrast with any outfit. It will style up jeans or a dress. 

What about a longer textured coat like our Brantley with its waterfall collar and deep pockets? This grown up piece helps you exude confidence feeling secure in its warmth.

  1. Take a long hard look at what’s already in your wardrobe.   

What do you wear all the time and what never gets an outing?   

Are the colours dreary?  Are you always in black?  It could be very draining.  With a little effort you could brighten up your collection. Experiment to see what flatters your skin tone and perhaps focus on 5 colours to build a cohesive wardrobe. If you sell things you don’t’ wear you can fund your new look. 

Do you ever wear animal print? Betty, our ankle grazer stretch trousers, liven up the legs showing a bit of your wild side. Isabella is our plus-size version. Pair with a chunky cardigan like Rebecca to come across as relaxed and stay oh so warm.  

If you photograph your outfits you can see what works and what might be too much. Coco Chanel used to say remove one accessory before you leave the house.  

  1. Make a wish list  

Dare to dream of items that make the statement you want to project.   

Embrace your femininity with a forgiving dress that highlights your curves.  Finola is our long-sleeved tunic dress. The generous skirt falls from shirred side panels to create a flattering silhouette.  

You can never have too many fun items in your wardrobe. The giant daises on our Calista bring joy to the wearer and everyone you meet. With its round neck and dropped shoulders it’s casual but cosy. 

You’ll be surprised how many compliments you attract as the new you. All the positive vibes are contagious. 

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