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Memorable Outfits you can Easily Put Together this June

Memorable Outfits you can Easily Put Together this June

Memorable Outfits you can Easily Put Together this June

It’s summertime at last! Do all the parties, events, and weddings seem to be happening at once? There’s hardly time to keep on top of the family laundry let alone put an ensemble together for work. Unless that is, you know a few tricks… 

Go Bold or go Home

Florals have made their annual comeback. With the bold print of our Wynne floaty trousers, you can really make an impact.  Pair them with a fresh and feminine block colour top. Match a colour from the print or use dramatic black. If you want to intrigue with a little more detail choose an interesting neckline or go all in for detail with a broderie anglaise top, Dana.  You can power up the look with heels to project confidence in the office. Make your entrance and make your mark.

The finer print of the Yvette floaty daisy trousers can be paired with a larger print top .Our  Darby linen mix short tunic is so vibrant in fuschia or calming in khaki.

Sophistication Makes a Subtle but Impactful Impression

If you are more of an introvert the ditsy patterned tea dress Heidi is perfect for you.  Add a broad-rimmed sun hat and huge sunglasses and some costume jewellery…and hey presto you are channelling your inner Audrey Hepburn!  You might like to further enhance this look from the icon of gamine chic with gloves at a cocktail party or a wedding.  Because the ditsy dress is waisted at the back only, it gives an elegant vibe rather than that waisted 50’s A-line skirt that most tea dresses do. In an office, a blazer and pearls, and closed-toe court shoes will keep the impression professional. 

Make an impression at an interview, 

You do need to exercise a little restraint at formal work occasions, but you still don’t want to be forgotten. Our Carla is light and summery but lined. In Khaki or denim blue, it draws the eye with its design without coming across as brash.  

Whatever happens in the day don’t feel you can’t slip on your flip flops when you get home.  You don’t have to look like someone out of an Agatha Christie drama! Adapt your outfit so you can be yourself after an occasion and you will remember that day as ending well. 

Eileen is our tunic of 2023 summer.  Whether you choose to wear it as a dress, over leggings or under a blazer, it is a striking yet inviting daisy print. Unforgettable. And it comes in 9 colourways!

Have Fun with Accessories, Jewellery and Make-up at the Weekend!

Just a little extra effort…adding a bangle or changing your earrings can lift an outfit in seconds.  

Remember how many hours you spent as a teenager with your friends practicing make-up? You deserve as much of that joie de vivre as possible still today! A slick of lippy in a shade you haven’t worn since you were in your twenties can make you feel giggly. Peacock blue nail varnish will flash in front of you all day and remind you how special you are. 

The most important memories you can create with clothing are how they make you feel. At Luvvey we want you to keep building happy memories within.  

The outfit should be memorable to you before anyone else because it helped you bring your authentic self to an occasion.  That might even be as simple as going to the post office or dropping the kids off at swimming. Enjoy your clothes! 

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