About Us

We focus on providing our customers stylish & affordable Made in Italy Lagenlook ladies clothing . 
In short, we want you to have the kind of style that is easy and affordable, but which looks and feels fabulous.
We love simple understated designs which are easy and comfortable to wear, but which breath a sense of effortless chic.
Our range of premium quality clothing includes fabulous cashmere mix ponchos & sweaters, together with some wonderful linen tunics, tops, dresses & accessories. We really do hope you find what you are looking for and that we provide you with the quality and level of service you expect. x

Our Collection

We pride ourselves on sourcing stylish & affordable Made in Italy Lagenlook ladies clothing, which offers you amazing value,without compromising on quality as you can see in our clothing collections. We are committed to bring you "hot off the press" styles and always have a steady flow of new arrivals throughout the seasons.

Showcasing Our products

Throughout the year, we take our pop up shop out & about around the UK showcasing our "Made in Italy" Lagenlook ladies clothing collections. 
You can order online at www.luvvey.com or we would love to see you at the events.Please see our show diary to see if we are anywhere near you!
If you can't find us at a show please ring us on 01405 802794 and we will be happy to direct you 
We would love to see you 
Luvvey xx