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Glide into Autumn with Ease

Glide into Autumn with Ease

Glide into Autumn with Ease

How to have fun with fashion as the seasons change.

Here in the British Isles, the weather plays games with us in August. The summer flowers including roses, lilies and hydrangeas are in full bloom. But if you are out with the dog early in the morning you may find the temperature has plummeted overnight.  On other days, you will be hit with downpours in the afternoons.  It’s challenging just as March can come in like a lion handout like a lamb or in like a lion and out with a roar.  

Let’s take a deep breath, look around and see that all that is challenging in autumn might actually be transformed into a triumph.  

Those russet leaves on a chestnut tree, the very first brambles are so, so succulent and those scarlet berries abundant on a rowan tree mean that although it’s time to always start the day in a cardigan we can harvest joy. 

Yes, you will find yourself reaching for a sweater to wrap round your shoulders and we are here to encourage you because:

Yes You Can 

You just need to get into the habit of having the correct cardigan to build a spectacular outfit. 

Why not be the life and soul of your own BBQ in our polka dot Celine? Choose from teal, lime or emerald if you are against an outdoor backdrop of turning colours.  

There’s nothing more fun than Celine Dion singing along to Baby Shark with James Corden in carpool karaoke. One of the most talented fabulous women on the planet harnessing fun and laughter to the max.  He challenges her to dramatise any song…she has never heard of Baby Shark…and Boom! She nails it. So much fun. 

Already the chestnut leaves are turning, the maples are starting to perform their spectacular colour transformation. If you can still snatch a weather window to invite neighbours over ,our polka dot tunic Celine lets you stand out against an autumn backdrop of russets, ochre and scarlet.   

Autumn colour stories 

These will always include russets, reds, ochres and gold.  If you are going to have a sweater round your shoulders, it be light in weight and subtle in shade. Let’s face it you will need a raincoat standing by and it’s too  

To complement the outfit, you thought might work right through the day bt the weather had other ideas. 

Our Gabrielle sweater has all the softness and lightness that lets you add a layer you can easily remove.  It hits just the right point for your hip or you can belt it at the waist to make the most of your apple or pear shape.  And it comes in paprika amongst many shades. Paprika with it’s subtext of spicy passion and bang on trend for Fall 23. 

Now you are ready for when the sun comes out from behind a cloud.  It’s made from 95% viscose a natural fibre created from wood pulp.  The little you can find it in our Made in Italy collection.  

Don’t be thinking it’s too late for sandals. You can still flash that tan, paint those toes and enjoy a bit of vitamin D on whatever skin you dare show. But you do need versatility. A few bits and bobs left in the back of your car … a change of shoes in the office.   

Why not walk to work in a pair of our Ayla chunky sole plimsolls then slip on a pair of pumps,  you keep under your desk at office.  If you are doing something fun on the way home keep some sandals like our Gold Gretchen  in the boot of your car 

Summer isn’t over until September is out. You just have to grab moments until the Autmn equinox. That’s when our blessed planet tilts into longer nights than days and it’s time to embrace scarves and hats. 

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