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Luxuriate in Linen this Summer

Luxuriate in Linen this Summer

Luxuriate in Linen this Summer

 Linen has a timeless quality. It has been used for clothing since the ancient Egyptians began manufacturing it over 4,000 years ago! It’s light, cool and perfect for summer. 

Linen is loved for its elegant drape.  The fabric has a slubby texture that gives structure. It creates an impression of ease and glamour. Our Made in Italy Hannah tunic makes the most of linen with a flattering boat neck. It comes in under the bust before curving to flatter the hips with a Lagenlook hem.  You may want to choose several of the thirteen colours. Wear it over leggings or jeans to feel feminine and fresh. This piece is loved for its feminine shape and how well it hangs.  

Linen feels crisp yet silky. It’s breathable. The gaps in the fibre can keep you cool as well as warm in winter. Made from flax, linen becomes softer the more you wash it, improving with age. It absorbs moisture without becoming damp to the touch. It keeps its shape while other fabrics might lose their form if you perspire. Tanika is a top that gives you more structure than a t-shirt but still signals easy style. The applique swirl on the left hand side enhances the texture. You can collect it in 7 colours. 

Linen trousers are a summer wardrobe staple. Celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie step out in them regularly. We have two varieties for you to choose from. Wide-legged Sasha which has button detailing down one leg. Cecilia are gathered at the ankle in a harem style. Both feel airy and light to wear. Linen gets stronger over time so investing in linen trousers will stand you in good stead for years to come. 

Linen is no more difficult to look after than cotton.  You can machine or hand wash it. It’s best hung to dry with no ironing to keep the slubby look. Yes, no ironing! A top tip is to hang your dress in the steam of the bathroom while you shower. Don’t worry that it will end up damp, linen is quick drying. 

Luvvey’s Linda smock dress is a summer classic. It is a 50% mix of cotton and linen.While you keep the texture of linen it is slightly more affordable. Gathered under the bust, this Made In Italy piece floats beautifully.  Two pockets give it a practical look you can relax in.  

Linen is an environmentally friendly product. It’s made from flax, a crop which supports biodiversity since it does not require the heavy use of pesticides. It flourishes without much irrigation making it sustainable. Every bit of the plant is used for products including paper and varnish. It even has an insect-repelling quality helping it last even longer! What’s not to love about linen?

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