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How To Organise Your Wardrobe

How To Organise Your Wardrobe

How To Organise Your Wardrobe

Have you got to the stage where your clothes are stuffed onto hangers and your cupboard is bursting?  The doors will hardly close?  Is the morning a scramble for something ironed and matching?   Do you have to pile things on the bed to find that elegant pair of trousers? 

It’s worth investing a few hours sorting out your wardrobe. It will take time but save you many minutes every morning once it’s done.  You can open the doors and smile at an array of favourite pieces instead of having to rummage. 

The best thing to do is to take everything out and lay it on the bed.  Put the hangers back on the rail and see that there are not too many and they are good quality.  

Take each piece from your pile and evaluate it.  Does it speak to who you want to be now? Have a bag or box ready for the charity shop.  Think of the pleasure someone else will get from them. You may even be able to sell some things you’ve bought for a special occasion and just haven’t worn again. 

Put your regular and favourite pieces back on the rail. You might like to organise by colour but a section for each item works well.  Start with blouses white to dark.  Next the trousers.  Have all your dresses in one place with block colours then patterned. Do they all still fit?    

Blazers and suits hang together and then coats.  If your rail is free-standing it’s pleasing to have the short items at one end and long at the other.   

Now check you have enough of everything to make dressing for the week easy.  Our Willow trousers come in 10 different colours.  They’re super comfortable in stretch jeans fabric with an elasticated waist so easy to wear under any of your tops. 

If you’ve managed to ruthlessly weed out what you don’t wear, you might have space to treat yourself to something new and up to date like our Reese Made in Italy fit and flare cotton top. It has a flattering drape and Lagenlook dipped hemline. 

If you have a chest of drawers as well as hanging space that can be a refuge for all kinds of clothing that’s worn out and unloved.  Take one drawer at a time and empty the whole thing out. You might have a lot more clothing than you realise and want to let some of the worn-out stuff go. Revive your sweaters with something colourful like our Amelia.  It’s a generous long fine knit with delicate button detail on the front.  Available in six colours it will keep you warm and elegant. 

Let go of the colours from yesteryear, sizes and shapes from before you had children. Think how much easier putting laundry away will be.  You’ll be able to take pleasure in what you do have.  

Scarves and accessories can pile up.  Maybe you have been given things you just don’t wear.  It’s ok to pass these on.  Now you can see your outfits easily you can choose statement pieces like Kady retro poppy scarf that brightens even the gloomiest January day.  We have a range of fun necklaces and pendants that sparkle and let you express your sense of fun and sparkle. 

Once you have a system you can have a seasonal or semi-annual sort out and love your wardrobe rather than struggle with it.  You are investing time and organisation in yourself and you deserve a reward for that!  You are so worth it.