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How To Wear Layers

How To Wear Layers

How To Wear Layers

Layering clothes gives you so many options to create your own statement with contrasting colours, fabrics and styles.  It’s not just a way to stay warm it’s a whole art form.  The way you combine shapes elevates garments to outfits that let people see who you are. 

Start with a fitted top and bottom.  Polo necks are classic layering times.  Then try an oversized white shirt with tails to your knees under a contrasting short waistcoat.  Or if you want to elongate your look try a long waistcoat in wool.  Colourful print skirts or dresses over leggings express fun and joie de vivre. 

In Europe, Lagenlook is the the name given to layering unconventionally shaped pieces to make an impact. It needn’t look bulky. In fact, it often has the effect of elongating your body shape making you appear taller and slimmer.  Unusual shapes can detract from your tummy if you are self-conscious about it. But mostly they are just a lot of fun to wear. Linens, jersey knits, tunics and skirts all feature. Linen paired with jersey knits, velvets and ruffles all play a part.  Wylder is a fit and flare boat-necked tunic jumper.  It’s Lagenlook because it has seams that cause the hemline to ruffle. The addition of a matching or contrasting scarf in the same material with tassels adds a sumptuous and fun dimension to the look.   

Jude from our Made in Italy range creates a fabulous shape which allows you to feature a dress, skirt or tight-fitting jeans.  It’s a wrapped poncho that fits snuggly around the shoulder with a wrap-over rib that ripples down the body. A triangular gap at the front let’s you choose clothes below that contrast in colour.  A shirt with a collar would work well.  Enjoy colour-blocking your layers - be striking in emerald green or fuschia or a little more subtle in silver.  

Winslett is a classic ribbed jumper which comes in more than a dozen colours. It is the perfect way to extend the life of a favourite summer dress. Match its block colour to your favourite shade in the pattern of a skirt showing below.    

A bright colour can make an eye-catching backdrop for our Sadie extra-long quilted gilet. Try chocolate over a cayenne sweater when you are feeling bold or biscuit over taupe for sophistication. The length makes a functional item elegant. 

Our Mariana coat comes with its own layer.  It’s oversized collar drapes over your shoulders and feels so luxurious.  Create different lines with your hands in its deep pockets as it has no fastenings.  It’s mottled wool mix texture would contrast beautifully with a plain cotton shirt or dress underneath. It also works well with trousers 

So enjoy the chance to experiment that layering gives you.  Create new lines with Lagenlook and embrace the opportunities winter gives you to play with style.